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Irrigation Schedule Optimization

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Our Story

Following years of experience in AgTech, we noticed that many AgTech companies are faced with repeating problems preventing their solutions from becoming widely adopted by farmers.

Smart Irrigation solutions may work on small trial basis but they fail to handle the real world complexities when try to expand to larger scale projects.

Irriopt's objective is to take care of these complexities and enable Smart Irrigation to be deployed and utilized in the scale of a whole farm.

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The Problem

Smart/precision irrigation solutions have great potential of improving water use efficiency, reduce plants’ stress and achieving healthier plants and higher yields. Such solutions collect data and recommend based on it when and how much to irrigate. Irrigation recommendations may change, based on newly available data, every day and often, even several times a day.

However, it is not operationally feasible for most farmers to adjust their irrigation schedule daily to follow such recommendations. Even if a farmer has an Irrigation Controller, he needs to sit every day in front of a computer and adjust all the irrigation plans.

This is a major barrier to a wider adoption of smart irrigation solutions. If one can’t implement recommendations, then what is the point in having them in the first place?

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The Need

A Smart Irrigation solution needs to be able to take its recommendations and transfer them to an Irrigation Controller for implementation. In a semi-automatic mode, farmers approval is required before sending the recommendations to the controller. However, for other types of Smart Irrigation systems an autonomous approach, in which the system decides about irrigation and instructs a controller to implement it, may be required.

Irrigation Controllers require clear task definition. For each irrigation zone it is required to specify the exact irrigation start time and the exact irrigation duration or amount. For the irrigation tasks to be properly executed, the task definitions need to consider the irrigation infrastructure limitations and constraints. Clearly it is not feasible to open all the valves at once since the pressure may not be sufficient.

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The Solution

Irriopt is a middleware that takes care of all the irrigation scheduling complexities. A single integration with Irriopt provides instant interoperability with the leading irrigation controllers – saving development cost and shortening time to market.

A Smart Irrigation system tells Irriopt the irrigation needs and Irriopt schedules irrigation tasks and sends them to the irrigation controller for execution. The smart scheduling makes sure to take care of irrigation system’s capacity constraints, fertigation conflicts, irrigation tasks created by the farmer, and more.

Moreover, Irriopt optimizes the schedule to minimize pumping related energy costs. If there is a variable-rate electricity plan (rate varies at different hours of the day) Irriopt will make sure to take it into account and schedule irrigation tasks to the lower cost hours.

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Answers You Need

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Which irrigation controllers do you support?

Currently the Talgil and Wiseconn controllers are supported. We are working on adding additional ones.
Please let us know your needs and we will attempt to integrate with an additional type of controller.

What about pricing?

Irriopt is SaaS type of system and we charge a periodic service fee based on usage. You can start small, with a single controller, and linearly scale up as your business grows.

Do you support fertigation in addition to irrigation?

Yes, with Irriopt it is possible to specify fertilization plans and assign such plan to an irrigation request. Irriopt will schedule the fertigation with the controller while taking into account an fertigation related scheduling conflicts.

I am a farmer, can I use your system?

Yes. The service comes with a web application that you may access for managing your irrigation and fertigation needs. You define the irrigation amount but you don't need to specify start times or think about capacity limitations or fertigation conflicts. Based on your definitions, Irriopt will create an optimized schedule for each day and send it to the controller for execution.

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